Steve Bernstein Makes 98% of Lenses In-House with FastGrind

“Being an Optician going on 43 years, I can now say to my patients that I do it all, and that 98% of the lenses I sell are made by me in-house. With the FastGrind system I can offer most patients same day service, from Single Vision to Progressive lenses. I can offer Anti glare, photochromic, and polarized lenses for sunglasses as well. 

As far as lens availability; I have been wearing Varilux for most of my adult life. Since purchasing the FastGrind system, I am now wearing the new ADDvantage HD Plus lenses with Conversion gray and Antiglare. I am not lying when I say I honestly do not see a difference from Varilux. I have beautiful, clear vision in the distance with no distortion, and the intermediate and near channel are clear and wide. When I put on my new ADDvantage HD Plus lenses I did not have any adaptation issues whatsoever.

 -Steve Bernstein, Arlington Eye Center- Arlington, IL