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The All-In-One Modified Lens Surfacing System

Celebrating 30 Years of FastGrind Technology

The FastGrind revolutionizes how opticians dispense by using all-in-one modified lens surfacing to produce digital lenses & HD progressives. FastGrind uses only tap water to generate, fine, and polish a pair of lenses in just 12 minutes. With one of the widest ranges of lens availability and a compact design that only requires approximately 5 square feet of space; FastGrind is the obvious addition to any optical practice looking to grow profits.

Why Choose FastGrind?

  • Produce digital quality lenses

  • Increase profits and reduce lab bill by over 50%

  • A complete pair of glasses in as little as 15 minutes

  • Remote Installations worldwide

  • Same day shipment on most lens orders

  • Exceed customer expectations by offering same-day service

  • Easy to install and operate

“There’s no denying [in-office surfacing] is much more profitable!

By not taking insurance and being able to compete with Walmart and Eyemart

prices, I’m still hitting between 70% to 75% profit on materials.”

-Joshua Hackney, Optical Express of Abilene 
VisionAir: Thinner, Lighter Lenses for Complete Clarity
Blocks 100% of harmful UV light. Abbe value of 42 versus only 30 for polycarbonate

Lenses are preblocked by our team in Cincinnati, OH which is part of what enables a quick and easy surfacing experience within a compact machine.

Our VisionAir 1.56 lens material accomodates a wider prescription range without the concern for bulky lenses or limited frame options

Lenses are preblocked making precise in-office surfacing quick and easy. Add-on features like AR, photochromic, & anti-blue light are already part of the lens. meaning they can go straight from FastGrind to your edger

Our Lens Offerings

Through the power of FastGrind, you can produce specialty single vision and multifocal lenses including bifocal and digitally enhanced progressive lenses.

ADDvantage HD Plus+

Our premium progressive offers unparalleled vision in all three major areas; distance, intermediate, and reading. The digital design provides the clearest distance vision without peripheral distortion that comes with most conventional progressive lenses. 

Clarity Superhydrophobic

Our exclusive Clarity anti-reflective coating features a premium hydrophobic coating which removes most reflections from the front surface of lenses, improves night vision, and is exceptionally durable and scratch resistant.

conversion wordpress

Conversion offers a fast and seamless shift between tinted and clear making it the market leader in photochromatic.

blueshield vector

Our blue light blocking lenses have the blue light technology built into the lens which blocks 5x more blue light than competitors who use a coating.

Polar + Fire

Our polarized mirror lens comes in 3 colors and is the perfect addition to your lens offerings on it’s own or to increase 2nd pair sales.

“I want every customer to walk out of my shop with great vision in a comfortable lens. They trust us to recommend the best options and VisionAir provides them with the quality and speed they deserve in a price point they can afford. […] Many of my clients are rural farmers and they are very hard on their lenses. I had tried other AR coatings and they never held up, but after trying FastGrind’s ClARity AR, I recommend it to nearly everyone because its proven to hold up in nearly every environment.”

-Dr. Marco Robles, Opticlinica Robles, Honduras

Ready to take the next step towards in-office surfacing?

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