Don’t just take our word for it, read how FastGrind is improving practices around the world from the doctors themselves

Dr. Phil Clayton
phil clayton (2)

“Customers are looking for price point and value more than ever. And part of that value is the ‘while you wait’ service which FastGrind enables us to offer. As a response to these unprecedented times, customers are seeking places that can limit their exposure and the need for multiple trips.”

  -Dr. Phil Clayton, Oklahoma

“Patient flow has been one of the most important benefits of the FastGrind. My staff can check a patient in at 8am and at 9am she has the finished product and is ready to start her day. They come to my practice because they know they don’t have to take that extra morning off from work just to pick up their glasses.”

-Dr Michael Mills, South Carolina


After implementing FastGrind in his practice, Dr. Robles saw a complete transformation. The previous 40% who walked out without making a purchase went down to less than 10%. He was also able to expand his market size because of the faster service. People were willing to travel further distances for an eye exam because they knew they could get what they needed all in one visit

 -Dr. Marco Robles, Honduras

“I actually purchased [FastGrind] before opening my store, as my business was set up based around being able to provide in-house surfacing and edging. The value in purchasing the FastGrind system was the best and most financially sound way to do so. It has allowed us to become profitable in under 6 months as a business.”

 -Joshua Hackney, Texas

César Sanabria
Cesar with FastGrind

“We have sold more than 1,400 pairs of progressives from Super Optical. As a result of the success we experienced using the system, we were able to pay back the investment in half the time we estimated while delivering a fast, high quality product. This year we plan to buy two more systems [for] two of our additional stores. We know that delivering progressives in less than an hour is going to provide a differentiating value to our stores, increasing sales.”

  -César Sanabria, Venezuela

“Being an Optician going on 43 years, I can now say to my patients that I do it all, and that 98% of the lenses I sell are made by me in-house. With the FastGrind system, I can offer most patients same day service from Single Vision to Progressive lenses. I can offer Anti-glare, photochromatic, and polarized lenses for sunglasses as well”

  -Steve Bernstein, Illinois

“FastGrind was the key that really made it all work. The Addvantage Plus progressive along with standard flat top 28 and single vision lenses gave us a great core line of products. I can say that I was skeptical of FastGrind at first, but was quickly impressed by the optical performance and ease of use. It has been a great asset for our practice over the years.”

  -Sherri Martin, Kentucky

“FastGrind is beneficial to our practice, because we have increased the sale of progressive lenses by making it possible to offer same day service. We analyzed how many patients would ultimately purchase progressives if we could offer same day delivery, and that balanced out the cost of the system easily.”

 -Ruben Cotto, California

 “I attribute a lot of our early success after getting restarted to the help we received from Super Optical. I was amazed by the amount of help and support we received right away. With the new designs, the freedom that comes with the system, and the one-of-a-kind support, FastGrind is the answer for in-office solutions.”

 -Mike Maki, Texas 

“There are many benefits to my practice, but the greatest benefits prove to be for my patients. My office is thirty miles from the nearest competitor. Some of my patients willingly travel that far or more knowing they can usually get their glasses the same day.”

 -Mark Kramer, Virginia

“We purchased FastGrind for our practice about a year ago and our experience has been excellent. The lenses are great and offering fast service has been outstanding for us. We have the capability to make glasses while a patient waits or offer same day pick up. People always ask us, ‘where are my glasses?’ and with FastGrind we can get their glasses made quickly and accurately.”

  –Dr. Penn Moody

“Many instruments we buy are obsolete after 10 years, but Super Optical keeps us current through software updates. After 10 years we are still very satisfied with our FastGrind system and we wouldn’t consider using anything else again.”

  –Dr. Gregory Lowe, Bahamas