Dr. Penn Moody Testimonial

“We purchased FastGrind for our practice about a year ago, and our experience has been excellent. The lenses are great and offering fast service has been outstanding for us. We have the capability to make glasses while a patient waits or offer same day pick up. People always ask us ‘where are my glasses?’ and with FastGrind we can get their glasses made quickly and accurately. After we opened our second location in 2013, we realized we had grown enough to be able to control our own supply chain. Our only options were to open a full lab which is costly and space consuming, or look into FastGrind. FastGrind was the better choice. It is easy to run, very simple, and user friendly. We can have everything in house and control our quality and service, instead of relying on someone else to do that for us. Having control of the supply chain is important for me, and after having problems with partner labs, this has been the best decision. I would highly recommend FastGrind to anyone considering bringing things in-house; it has proven to be a really, really good decision for our practice.”

 -Dr. Penn Moody, Moody Eyes- Indianapolis, IN

Dr Penn Moody with FastGrind