Mark Kramer Testimonial

Mark Kramer Headshot

Mark Kramer has owned his own practice for over 15 years. His years in the business have exposed him to many different forms of lens processing methods. Before he owned his own independent store, he worked for two doctors that had a system to make lenses out of a liquid polymer and hardened them in a water bath. “It was messy, time consuming, and at best was only an average quality” he explained. He went on to say, “I could not control lens size or thickness and if it came out of the mold defective, all you could do was to start over again.”

Later the doctors bought another cast/mold system that was marketed to be much improved over previous systems. It was slightly better but still had the inherent problems of all cast/mold systems; limited range, limited lens selection and the inability to adjust thickness. There is also the concern of dust particles as most in-office labs are not a sterile environment.

Mark explained, “after being subjected to other systems, I was amazed and excited to see the FastGrind at the New York Expo one year.” He loved what he saw, realizing it was basically a small (5sqft) version of what the big labs used. “Not only could I make many types of lenses, from various progressives, to hi-index, photo sensors, various line bifocals, but I could also have control over the thickness of the lenses.” Mark elaborated saying he, “takes great pride in making high plus lenses for very young children. They come out very thin and look great.”

With regard to the FastGrind system in his practice, Mark said, “there are many benefits to my practice (such as lower cost for the lenses) ut the greatest benefits prove to be for my patients. My office is 30 miles from the nearest competitor. Some of my patients willingly travel that far knowing they can usually get their glasses the same day. Once, a lady with hi-index lenses called me as a last resort. Having lost her glasses, she called many of the shops in this 30 mile radius only to find it would take a minimum of 3 days to get her Rx done. In addition, she would have to travel back to pick them up. She was delighted to learn I could get them to her that afternoon and no return visit was necessary. She ended up becoming a loyal customer and great word-of-mouth advertisement for my shop.”

“I am very happy to recommend FastGrind and certainly have. My first praise of the system is the customer service. John and Don (owners of the company) have helped me many times through the years. They are always very happy to assist and their staff is just as helpful. I have been using the FastGrind system for over 10 years now, and am still happy I made this investment. No other piece of equipment has serviced me this long.”

-Mark Kramer, Brookneal Optical- Brookneal, VA