What is included in my initial system purchase?

The system will include the FastGrind machine, machine stand/lap storage cabinet, the lap tools to a 2.00 or 3.00 cylinder, computer/monitor, digital gauge, and all the pads needed to get started. All you need is a lens inventory that we will customize for your requirements.

What do I need besides the system and lenses to operate the FastGrind (ex. special slurries or molds)?

There is nothing else needed to stock for the FastGrind system. Standard electric, water source (traditionally tap from a hose), and a drain is all that is needed.

How long does it take to grind a pair of lenses and have them ready to edge?

FastGrind is the fastest in-office lens production solution. It takes as little as 12 minutes from start to edging.

What types and styles of lenses can we make?

We carry single vision, flattop-28, flattop 35, 7x28 tri-focal, blended round and progressives both regular & short corridor. Our lenses are available in polarized, photochromic, hard coat, and optional anti-reflection coating.

What indexes do you provide?

We carry CR-39 and 1.56 index, with FastGrind you can specify your finished thickness so for the majority of the prescriptions you won't need a higher index.

What prescription range do you offer?

It varies by lens type, but the outer range is +7.50 to -9.00 and up to a 3 cylinder with special orders available.

Can I use a standard semi-finished lens and block my own?

No. The pre-blocked lens is the key component to being able to surface lenses with only one machine. We form the block to the lens in our factory. It is not a preformed block that is attached or could be attached in your facility. In addition to the block, the lenses have less thickness than standard semi-finished lenses and also the progressives are already prism thinned. Each lens is calibrated for final thickness control via the FastGrind software.

In order to use a semi-finished lens you would need to purchase a layout marker, tape dispenser, blocker, generator, fining machine, polish machine, chiller, air compressor, and a reclaim tank costing as much as $100,000. The elimination of these expenses and time consuming steps is why FastGrind is so popular worldwide.

What if you raise your lens costs?

In the 20 years that FastGrind has been sold we have never once raised our lens prices. In fact, we have only reduced our lens prices. As our buying power increases we pass on the savings to keep our customers competitive and to ensure FastGrind remains a great investment.

What happens if you go out of business and I can't get lenses elsewhere?

FastGrind is a system manufactured by Lyric Optical. Lyric Optical was founded in 1923. Lyric celebrated its 90th anniversary of continuous business in 2013. FastGrind was designed and engineered in 1993 and also celebrated 20 years of continually lowering the lab bills of ECPs all over the world in 2013. Both Lyric Optical and FastGrind have seen steady growth with no signs of slowing down.

Is there a recommended starting lens inventory? What if it doesn't match what I normally sell?

We provide a recommended starting inventory for new practices. The inventory is based on an industry average and will include an amount of each of our lenses. If your practice is more established and you know your customer base's buying habits we are able to customize a lens inventory that will best match your needs. If you use our recommended inventory and a certain amount of the inventory goes unused, we will buy it back within 6 months. We want to make you money and grow your business, not saddle you with unusable lenses.

How long does it take to get lenses?

Most lens orders are shipped the same day.

Do you provide installation and training?

There is no onsite installation or training necessary. System setup is plug-and-play with standard electric, a water source, and a drain being the only requirements. Training is done by a video that is provided with the system. After the short video, a complimentary phone or Skype walk-through is available should further instruction be needed. We have been installing them this way for 20 years all over the world.

Is the system hard to learn; what is the training like?

The system is very easy to understand and operate. The software is designed to provide you step-by-step instructions to ensure anyone can learn to operate the system without any prior experience. There is no onsite training needed. A video shows a complete walkthrough of the system and is installed on the FastGrind computer for easy access.

What kind of maintenance is required?

There is no maintenance required. We use all self-oiling aircraft bearings. The system will not go out of calibration so you will never need an onsite technician, like with an edger.

What warranty is available?

We provide a lifetime warranty on all parts. The warranty is covered under the Software Agreement.

What happens if my machine breaks down, do you send out a technician?

Although very rare, we can troubleshoot it quickly over the phone. We will send out a part at no charge with detailed instructions on how to replace it. All parts are easily accessible and simple to replace. Our technicians are always available to assist via phone.

I have owned similar equipment but it is now outdated, what is keeping your system from becoming outdated?

Our system is software based; because of this, any new lens technology is simply added to the software keeping you current and producing the newest designs. We have customers that have been with us for over 15 years still using the same machine but producing all the new lens styles. Your system will never be obsolete.

How much can I expect to save on my lab bills?

Our customers save approximately 50% on their monthly lab bills. On top of the monetary savings, our customers benefit from offering exceptional customer service and retention of Rx's that would have gone elsewhere. One lost customer equals roughly $200 in lost profit. A lab bill analysis is available to determine your actual savings. Contact us to set it up.

What are the costs of consumables (not including the lenses)?

Because the system only uses tap water, and the coarse and superfine pads are so durable that they can be reused 400 times and 1000 times respectively; the costs of all consumables are only $0.34 a lens.

Do you ship internationally?

YES! We have installations in over 50 countries.

Do you supply anything else besides the FastGrind system?

We supply finished single vision and multi-focal lenses. On top of our already low price for FSV, we have found that our customers also benefit from bundling FastGrind lens orders with finished single vision orders to cut down on shipping costs. Additionally, Super Optical supplies small lab equipment that makes the workload more manageable in the office such as pupilometers, lensometers, hand edgers, automatic drills, tint units and dyes, etc.

Where are the machines built and where is the company located?

The company was founded and still has its headquarters and manufacturing facility in Cincinnati, Ohio USA. The machines are built by trained technicians and lens orders are shipped from Cincinnati as well.

Do you have any national endorsements and can you provide references?

After thorough testing by the U.S. Military, they are now utilizing the FastGrind technology all over the world. We will be happy to provide references.

Do you provide payments terms?

We are not set up to offer any payment terms. However, domestically we can help facilitate financing through a third party lease company.

I have been comparing your FastGrind to other in-office solutions; can you tell me how you compare to other technology like casting?

Click HERE for a detailed comparison of features and price between FastGrind and casting/molding systems.