Super Optical International

Empowering the Independent Optical

Founded in 1923, Super Optical is the proven leader for in-office modified lens surfacing with the FastGrind System. Our mission is to provide premium quality, value priced products for the independent optical. We offer everything from stock lenses and supplies to complete lens processing with FastGrind.

Our Products

At Super Optical, we manufacture all FastGrind machines and lenses in-house to ensure we are producing the highest quality products for our customers.

FastGrind System

Our flagship product enables you to produce nearly any lens through modified in-office lens surfacing.


Finished Single Vision

We pride ourselves on the quality and affordability of our lenses. Our finished single vision lenses are ready to be put in your edger.

Small Lab Equipment

We carry a variety of high quality small lab equipment and supplies to meet all of your lab's needs.

In-Office Lens Surfacing with FastGrind

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In less than 5 sq. ft. of space, you can own the world’s smallest and fastest modified lens surfacing system.

FastGrind is designed for the independent optical to enable you to offer exceptional customer service and save up to 50% on your wholesale lab bills.

Lenses sold
2107000 +
Years of FastGrind

What Our Customers Say

"FastGrind’s ability to allow us to control more of our supply chain has been a boost to us. Not relying on outside labs has allowed us to grow and succeed when others have been forced to slow down.”
Dr. Joshua Hackney
Optical Express of Abilene
"We chose FastGrind because there was a real potential for increased profit and patient retention. We have now owned the FastGrind system for 10 years. It has not only helped our profit margin increase, but it has also been the most reliable instrument we have owned."
Dr Penn Moody
Moody Eyes
“The overall quality is as good or better than we were receiving from our local area labs. Combined with the quicker turnaround and savings it’s easy to see why we end up using our FastGrind for about 95% of our multifocal prescriptions."
Dr. Michael Mills
Loris, SC

Ramp up your profits

Are you fully utilizing your edger?

Edging is a great first step towards building your in-office lab. However, it usually only leads to a savings of $10-15 per pair. By both surfacing and edging in-office you’ll instead be saving ~$50-80 per pair of progressives and provide same-day service to more than just those with single vision lenses. 

Completed Lens Cost

Finished In-Office
Completed at Lab