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The All-In-One Modified Lens Surfacing System

Celebrating Over 25 Years of FastGrind Technology

Congratulations on purchasing the ultimate in-office lens surfacing system! Below you will find a training video that details how to unpack and set up your new FastGrind. We provide unlimited support and training for you and your team, so please contact us with any questions or concerns that arise. Welcome to the FastGrind Family!

Timestamps – 

0:47 Pre-Installation

1:58 Unpacking

4:16 Tool Storage

4:58 Lens Storage

5:38 Thickness Gauge

6:33 Setup Computer

8:01 Machine Controls

9:11 Grinding Pads

10:37 Place Lens in AAD

11:16 Loading Axis Device with Lens

11:51 Running FastGrind Software

13:16 Calculating Grind Rate

15:10 Calculating Grind Rate, Screen



16:12 Entering Prescription

19:44 Work Ticket

22:06 Entering A & B #’s

22:35 1st lens Grind

25:41 2nd Lens Grind

26:13 3rd Lens Grind

27:15 Superfining Step

27:42 Smoothing Step

28:16 Polishing Step

29:11 Posting to Order Form

29:42 Lens Order Form

30:32 Lens Deblocking

31:52 Video Closing