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The All-In-One Modified Lens Surfacing System

Celebrating Over 25 Years of FastGrind Technology

In less than 5 sq. ft. (28" x 27") of space, you can own the world's smallest and fastest modified lens surfacing system.
FastGrind is designed for the independent optical to enable you to offer exceptional customer service, and allowing you to save up to 50% on your wholesale lab bills.
Time-proven technology that does not require costly molds, dangerous chemicals, or messy solutions.


Key Benefits:

  • Produce Digital Quality Lenses -Premium AR Available
  • Increase Profits - Reduce Your Lab Bill By 50%
  • Affordable - Costs Less Than An Edger
  • Just Add Water - No Chemicals, Molds, or Slurries
  • Short Learning Curve - No Prior Experience Needed
  • Installations Worldwide - Approved By The U.S. Military
  • Small Footprint - Will Fit In Any Lab
  • Exceptional Customer Service - Exceed Patient Expectations
Email us today to schedule a demonstration of the FastGrind system at one of our upcoming shows:info@superoptical.com