Celebrating 95 Years

Lyric Optical Original Building: Cincinnati, OH 1967-1987

Lyric Optical, dba Super Optical and creator of FastGrind, will be celebrating it’s 95th anniversary this year. Lyric Optical was founded in Cincinnati, OH in 1923. Beginning as a wholesale manufacturer of prescription lenses and frames for optometrists and opticians, they later adapted to the changing industry by providing optical equipment and supplies.

Developments in lens surfacing led to many optometrists and opticians losing their patients due to their inability to compete with new companies offering ‘one hour’ service for eyewear. As a result, Super Optical introduced the revolutionary FastGrind lens surfacing system in 1991, which allows the independent optometrist or optician to produce prescription lenses in-office without the large investment in equipment, space, and skilled labor that is required with traditional surfacing methods

FastGrind, which will be celebrating its 27th year on the market will never become obsolete because it includes a lifetime warranty on all new systems. Plus, their exptensive experience and inginuity allow for constant upgrading of FastGrind to meet the demands of the market while keeping their customers current with frequent software updates.

Continually providing the latest technological advancements ensures that Super Optical will provide the same excellent service that their customers have come to expect. This explains why FastGrind systems are being used in over 50 countries and utilized by the US Military.

As the optical industry continues to evolve, Super Optical maintains their commitment to independent eye care professionals, as they have done for 95 years.