Mike Maki Testimonial

After a shift in personnel, Mike Maki’s FastGrind system went unused for a period of time. ”In that time we saw our lab costs grow and large chains take more and more of our business by offering 1 hour service,” Mr. Maki said. “Combating high lab costs and the slow delivery of using a lab is what Fast Grind does best.” Mike explained, that “once we were able to get it started again it was amazing.” During the time that Mike wasn’t using the system major advancements with Fast Grind had been made. “Seeing that we could produce digitally enhanced progressive, AR coatings, and the high index lenses certainly were all major factors in getting FastGrind started again,” Mike said. “The new lens designs are great. I constantly have people telling me how comfortable they are in the ADDvantage progressives.”

Mr. Maki’s market has seen a big swing towards insurance jobs in the past few years. “We weren’t able to service these customers with our lab costs as high as they were. But by using FastGrind we were able to cut the lens cost. Opening up this new customer base has made our practice busier than ever.”

Mike Maki Headshot

While the system was not being used Mike explored other alternatives for in-office solutions. “I looked into buying a casting/molding system, but FastGrind was always the better choice. With the other systems, the user has to stay by the machine to make sure everything is working correctly. This isn’t true with the FastGrind, it is great to have the freedom of our employees starting the FastGrind and while it is running be able to assist on the sales floor,” Maki explained.

When shifting from being dependant on the lab to the freedom of the FastGrind system, Mike remembers one aspect that really stood out. “The axis on our Bi and Tri-focals were so much more accurate than when we got them from  the lab. On top of that using the FastGrind would save days on turn around enabling us to service customers that much faster,” said Mr. Maki. “I attribute a lot of our early success after getting restarted to the help we received from Super Optical. I was amazed by the amount of help and support we received right away. They helped fix a motor problem we were having and made sure everything else was running smoothly. With the new designs, the freedom that comes with the system, and the one-of-a-kind support, FastGrind is the answer for in-office solutions.”

 -Mike Maki, Optical Design- Round Rock, TX