Economy 6

6-2 Quart Pans, lids and adapter bars.

Economy 9

9-1 Quart Pans, lids and adapter bars

Space Saver 3

3-1 Quart Pans and lids

Space Saver 6

Space Saver 6: 6-1 Quart pans and lids and adapter bars.

Chempak - Up to $213 Value

All the chemicals needed to start your tinting lab:

  • 18 – 4oz. Bottles of Dura Dye
  • 2 Qts. Formula 1 Neutralizer
  • Enough Heat Transfer Fluid to fill unit
  • 2 Stainless Steel Tongs
  • Coupon Booklet Valued at $500 toward purchase of additional supplies

Dura Dye (Tints)

Newly formulated from premium French dyes for tinting plastic lenses. Popular colors available. Mixing allows hundreds of colors. Long lasting, fast dyeing formula....

Neutralizer I

Safe, low odor, non-combustible, pre mixed, ready to use. Poly-carb, CR-39 or Hi-Index.

Heat Transfer Fluid I

High vapor point, less evaporation. Corrosion inhibitors built in. Not for use in units with exposed heating elements. Non-Toxic.

Heat Transfer Fluid II

Designed for units with exposed heating elements. Therefore, it contains no corrosion inhibitors, low ordor, low evaporation, recycled. A great buy.

Edger Coolant

Reduces rust and corrosion.

Instant Read Thermometer

Digital Instant Read, -40 Degrees F/C to 302 Degrees F/150 Degrees C. Stainless Steel Stem.

Lens Holder

The Gradient Lens Holder has a spring-loaded lock for added safety, and holds one pair of lenses. Recommended for lens tinting, bleaching, and UV treatment. Can withstand temperatures up to 220 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dura Cote
Quarts = $18, Gallons = $64

Dura Cote is the easiest and least expensive way to provide lenses with a scratch resistant process. Works by making surface of lens super slippery. For use in a standard dye unit. No baking or curing required.

Pan Handler

No more burned fingers handling hot dye pans. Holds pan firmly and can be turned upside down to empty. Heavy duty, chrome plated

Lens Cleaner
Quart = $3.50, Gallon = $8.95

Safe for plastic or glass lenses. For use in spray bottles. Also available in 4 oz. spray bottle with or without personalized labeling.

Lens Prep
Quart = $8.00

Helps reduce spots and streaks. Concentrated.

Red Out

Suppresses red transmittance or reflections in browns, dark grays and blacks. Simply dip lens in solution for a few minutes. Long shelf life. Red-Out, 4 oz. (makes one quart)

Base Heating Unit only :

Economy 6/9


Base Heating Unit only :

Space Saver 6


Base Heating Unit only :

Space Saver 3


Two Quart Pans


Two Quart Lids


One Quart Pans


One Quart Lids


12" Adaptar Bars


6" Stainless Tongs