Have you been thinking about setting up a surfacing lab in your office? The time has never been better to expand your business by adding a mini surfacing lab! No longer do you have to purchase large and expensive machines used by the wholesale labs to produce premium quality lenses. With just 10 ft. of space you can have a fully functioning lab.

When choosing the equipment needed for a lab there are basic features to consider:

Cost – Most large surfacing equipment cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. FastGrind gives you full surfacing capability for less than the cost of an edger.

Reliability – FastGrind is covered by a lifetime warranty on all parts. You also will never go obsolete as Super Systems continually updates software to improve performance and when new lens designs become available.

Ease of Operation – FastGrind is so user-friendly that it requires no previous surfacing experience to operate. The computer program gives step by step instruction so training is quick and easy.

Compact Size – As the world’s smallest lens surfacing system (5 square feet) just 10 feet of lab space is all you need to fit the necessary equipment for a full service lab.

Capability – It is important that your lab equipment can fulfill the needs of your office. With FastGrind you can have a pair of premium lenses ready for edging in 12 minutes.

Profitability – Selling just one pair of progressives a day will be enough to justify the purchase of a FastGrind system. Eliminating the extra costs of ordering from a wholesale lab will give you a greater return on investment.

There are 2 basic lab options; finish and full service labs:

Finish Lab:

This lab option is the most common type found amongst independent Eye Care Providers. With this option you can only process single vision lenses same day. You would still need to order expensive uncuts from a wholesale lab and you only save on the expense of edging.

Full Service Lab:

A full service lab includes all of the parts of a finish lab with the addition of the FastGrind 2200 system, which allows you to produce your own prescription lenses. Producing lenses ‘in-office’ will be beneficial to your practice because it will cut down on the wait time of ordering from a wholesale lab, as well as, lower your lens costs by over 50%! It will increase your customer satisfaction by allowing you to offer ‘same day’ eyeglass service to your patients. Producing just ONE pair of progressive lenses a day will justify the investment in a FastGrind!

A full service lab will have a much faster pay back on equipment and personel expense than just starting with finishing. See how much you can save by investing in a full service lab here.

FastGrind comes with its own cabinet but can be placed on a counter. It requires a standard water and drain hook up. A special recirculation system is available if a water line is not accessible. FastGrind will expand your finish lab capabilities into progressives and bifocals for same day service.

A full service lab can fit in a space as small as 10 feet. Below is an illustration of a typical lab and equipment. All systems are easy to operate and do not require any previous experience.

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